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    I have heard from many developers that Struts is already dead because of such technologies as Tapestry although I do not share the position. What do you think about it? Will Tapestry eventually beat Struts? Will Struts disappear from the market within the nearest future? Will the community concentrate on the Struts or will it turn away from it?

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  2. I think struts has too much industry adoption and too much developer adoption to disappear quickly. IMHO, Tapestry is the superior technology, however, and industry will move to it over time.
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    What do you thin about JSF ?
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    I agree that Struts will be around for a long time, purely because it's so widespread. JSF, however, offers the real challenge to Tapestry and it's hard to see how Tapestry can win in the long term. Like it or not, JSF is a Standard. J2EE 1.5 containers will have to support it and it's well suited to being tooled in an IDE. If a vendor has to sit down and choose how to spend resource on adding framework hooks into an IDE then JSF is the obvious choice in terms of bang per buck. Tapestry won't get a look in.
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    I agree that I don't see Sturts going away any time soon. There is a large community of developers and development shops that are currently Struts based. The question is, for those who are starting fresh, what technology should they focus on developing experience in. If starting from scratch, then it doesn't look like Struts is the way to go if it is on the down turn and there are better frameworks out there. I've been looking into Spring lately as a possible option. Does anyone have experience with using Spring in an enterprise environment?
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    Let's wait and see, shall we. End customers prefer solutions/results over standards. JSF is a still immature and I'm not convinced that web designers want to learn a Java/J2EE IDE to do their creative work.