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Performance and scalability: Selecting Hardware & Op System to run WebLogic

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    We are currently running a set of 3 WebLogic 8.1 Servers (soon to be 4) on SPARC/Solaris Servers. For pricing reasons (hardware price as well as maintenance) we're looking into switching to intel-based hardware (assume 2-CPU or 4-CPU servers). We're debating whether to run them on Linux or on Win 2003.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't find a decent set of comparable benchmarks that will give information which will have better performance (assume we'll run JRockit).
    Does anybody have experience with comparing specifically WebLogic 8.1 using JRockit on Linux vs. Windows?
    Does the hardware configuration affect the Linux-to-Windows performance comparison?
    Any input will be appreciated.

  2. check out

    filter by BEA as vendor name and check out some of the interesting comparisons on Intel Xeon hardware (HP boxes) between w2k3 and linux.. however they're quite old.;op=form

    this has at least one useful comparison when filtering JVM by jrockit:;op=form

    in my experience, I have found jrockit to be quite fast and reliable on both w2k and rh3, however i don't have any numbers to share - though from memory the difference was quite negligeble and other factors that were unique to each OS were a stronger deciding factor.