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    hi everyone,

    can we write the database connection code in the stateless session bean................
    i mean i just need to connect to the database and display the records on the database..................


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    Hi Mahadevan, yes you can as long as you keep in mind that a stateless session bean cannot pertain any state across multiple method invocations. Just get the connection, read the data, close the connection and return the data to the caller.
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    Hi Mikael,

    thanks for you reply.
    mikael, i heard that session beans can handel only one client , what does it mean.
    say for example, if i create an application and deploy it on the server and a client A wants to read the data and at the same time Client B wants to read the data will it not work for Client B.
    I am confused.....

    thanks again.

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    Each EJB object, or instance, can only have one client. Thus, client A and client B will each call a different EJB object. Unlike servlets, EJB objects are not thread aware.

    Hope this helps!