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  1. URGENT HELP NEEDED:JSP and file (2 messages)

      I have to present the software by Tuesday.
      The scenario is:
      There is a Front End wit JSP which take a few parameters and a file as input to it's code.
    The code calls a web service which takes all the parameters(including the file) and generates another file.
    The file is saved in client in location specified by the client.
    Have no idea how file operation, particularly the second one occurs using JSPs.
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The file is saved in client in location specified by the
    It looks like a downloading. Just send file back to the client. See for example Download taglib in Coldtags
    suite: http://www.servletsuite.com/jsp.htm
  3. Hi,

    I think you should separate the 2 issues:
     1- calling the Web Service. You can quickly create a WS client that save the result in a temporary directory. See how you can create such client with JAX-RPC for example.

     2- the second is to simply stream the resulting file from a Servlet/JSP.

    Is this WS available on the internet? I am sure you will find people to give you a solution. Or may be give more details about the *file* that is generated. Do you really need to generate a file?

    Why can you directly stream the result in your JSP ? (Why having a file) The fact that you download it is independant and will depend of the content-type that you generate.
    Which type of content you want to generate from the result of the call ?