JSR 276: Design-Time Metadata for JSF Components


News: JSR 276: Design-Time Metadata for JSF Components

  1. Over the past year there has been several posts about JSF where comments from the community has raised a concern - there is no standard way of packaging, or defining additional design time metadata for custom JSF components. This has been acknowledged by the JSF EG, and over the past 8 months there has been ongoing work to submit a proposal for a new JSR addressing these needs based on the initial proposal posted on JSF Central.

    The hope is that through this JSR, the Java community can work together to define a standard solution to this problem. The Expert Group will consist of a representative set of tool vendors and component authors, and the feedback of the community will be actively solicited.

    I recommend that if you have an interest in creating your own custom UI components this is a great opportunity to get involved in improving the overall design-time experience for JSF UI components.

    Here is the URL for more information about this JSR:

    ADF Faces
  2. If you are at all interested in creating JavaServer Faces components that work nicely (at design time) inside multiple IDEs, it is in your best interest to participate in (or at least follow along) on the expert group deliberations on this JSR, as well as JSR 273 (Design Time API for JavaBeans). The less work you have to do to adapt to multiple tools, the more people can benefit from your components.

    Craig McClanahan