How to make webservice on webSphere server without WebSphere Dev


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to make webservice on webSphere server without WebSphere Dev

  1. How do I make a webservice on a webSphere server without using WebSphere Dev. I'm new to webSphere and don't know that much about WAR and EAR files that seem to be involved in this process. I've made several attempts at deploying a web service but so far they have failed.

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  2. Use Apache Axis[ Go to top ]

    WebServices implementation can be resumed by having one servlet that dispatch to Java classes. So you don't need all the complicate stuff of WebSphere. In other words you just need a Servlet container like Tomcat with Axis.jar and couple of Java classes. Try an Axis tutorial like this one:
  3. I have to use webSphere[ Go to top ]

    Your right using Axis would make this task easy simply rename the Jave file .jws stick at the location I want and Axis takes care of the rest. However, webSphere is what I have to use for this. Any ideas on how to get the complicated stuff required for webSphere to work?
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    From the silence I take it this was a harder problem than I thought. I still think it *should* be simple after all WebSphere is a major Application Server and I find it hard to believe that there is now way to work with their software except through their own IDE.