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    Zach Urlocker discusses how many companies are developing a hybrid open source business model. He uses SugarCRM as an example of a company that has developed a hybrid business model that contains no agenda or suprises.

    SugarCRM has an open source offering and a commerical product. The source for the commerical product is avaliable though not licensed as open source. Is this idyllic model workable in the long term? How does this fit in a competitive environment?

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    <disclosure>Self linking ahead</disclosure>

    Infravio donated its X-Broker code to form the basis for the Synapse project hosted by Apache Foundation. That's to be deployed completely under the Apache Software License plain and simple.

    That said, we have a complementary product (X-Registry) which is closed source. We do use a number of open source packages with commercially friendly licenses in the deployment of this product.

    It's quite different from the MySQL or SugarCRM (though we share an open-source friendly board member with SugarCRM) but still results in commercial quality code being available via an open source license.