Corticon releases version 4 of Business Rules Management System


News: Corticon releases version 4 of Business Rules Management System

  1. Corticon has released version 4 of its namesake business rules management system.

    Corticon's new Enterprise Data Connector provides connectivity to back-end data sources during rules execution. The new Corticon Business Rules Collaborator provides a shared repository to ease deployment, management, integration and ongoing rules modeling and development for team-based projects.

    The Corticon Enterprise Data Connector provides a direct connection from the rules engine to relational databases and other data sources. This allows the rules engine to automatically retrieve missing data or update data sources directly during rules processing, improving performance and simplifying integration. Corticon Enterprise Data Connector springs from the suite's code-free modeling approach. It requires no SQL programming skills; all SQL code is generated automatically from the simple, spreadsheet-like rules model. By separating rules authoring from data access, the Corticon Enterprise Data Connector attempts to eliminate delays in rules creation or maintenance and the need to rewrite rules when data sources change. This lowers the cost of ownership by reducing time-to-change as well as the skills required to create and maintain business rules.

    The Corticon Business Rules Collaborator manages the business rules built in Corticon's Business Rules Modeling Studio. It helps organizations to control their rule assets with robust, multi-user management capabilities. Corticon Rules Collaborator includes enterprise team-management features such as check-in and check-out, versioning, security and access control, workflow, and collaborative rules development. Corticon Collaborator also makes it possible to gauge the impact of organizational changes on rules. For example, it can help find all of the business rules that are affected by the change of a data element or an associated business policy.

    Additional Corticon 4 features include:
    • Improved versioning of deployed rules: The ability to have multiple versions of a decision service in production, effective across different versions of a process or different effective dates.
    • Corticon's desktop modeling environment can test rules deployed remotely across intranets and the Internet, as well as rules that access back-end data sources.
    • Additional rule language constructs enable the easier construction of scoring rules (increment and decrement rules), and other complex derivation-type rules.
    • Powerful inferencing capabilities help perform a broader range of optimization and best-fit problems.

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  2. Strange?[ Go to top ]

    The overall idea of having a rule engine with proper management tools sounds very appealing to me, but I have to wonder why this no-coding approach has gone so far as to base your business rules on data in your back-end rdbms...

    It would be more appropriate (in my opinion at least) to let the business rules execute agains a Common Data Model (CDM), since that would be your primary layer of abstraction....

    Perhaps this is easily achieved by using on of the 'other data sources'; let's hope so!

    Jan Kopmels