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News: ServiceMix and JOnAS Integration

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    The Bull R&D team in charge of JOnAS development has documented how to integrate ServiceMix into the latest JOnAS stable release. There are a few limitations involved, primarily through the message queue clustering, but not very many, and the integration is very simple.

    ServiceMix is an open source distributed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SOA toolkit.

    JOnAS is an open-source implementation of the J2EE 1.4 specification.

    The integration is achieved primarily by specifying the JORAM JMS factory in the web application context, which highlights the simplicity of integration.

    In addition, the article provides an interesting example that involves two Binding Components (HTTP, JMS) and a Service Engine (Drools). The example also demonstrates the attachment support in ServiceMix.
  2. That's very interesting. What is the reason, to use the JORAM factory and not the more integrated ActiveMQ Factory ?

    As far as i know, having ServiceMix and ActiveMQ internally a deeply and functional relation.

    Isn't ActiveMQ designated to clustering capabilities of ServiceMix too?

    Nice to hear more details over this theme ...

  3. ServiceMix does rely internally for it's clustering capabilities on ActiveMQ - primarily because of its support for features outside the JMS spec - notably notifications of consumers/producers makes managing the membership of the cluster easier. Though you can use any JMS provider you choose as a binding component.


  4. That's right, you can choose any JMS provider for binding components - but it's (in my opinion) sometimes a stony way, because the most part of the provided docs and examples of ServiceMix, are destinated exlusively to ActiveMQ.

    We have our own experiences with this - because we have connected ServicMix on a high-speed level with Sun's Enterprise Server and some others AppServers, using JCA for inbound/outbound Connections - functionally already, but the effort ...

    I think, a great part of the success and the future of any ESB, depends of their cababilities to provide high-performant integrations with extended Business Logic - e.g. with some popular ERP-Solutions, ...

    High-Performance and Reliability - that are the Keys for the Needs in this Context.

    In my opinion needs ServicMix and other popular OpenSource ESBs, among with the other important things, a focused extension in experienced and reliable Integrations and Connections with the mentioned Business Logic.

    We have more then twenty years of experience in communications and process integration - and we will do our part, to develop some of this required integrations / connections.

    Nice to hear from some other peoples which are working too on this theme today ...