XPLG has announced the release of a new log analysis platform called TxExpo. TxExpo is able to run transaction analysis on log files of any type. This analysis is designed to help isolate and troubleshoot applications problems through log correlation. The product is able to build graphical maps of a transaction according to the events in the logs. The platform is also equipped with reports, and other XpoLog software modules, logs search engine, and XpoLog Center. Other major features include; * Transaction tracking across multiple systems through logs. * Real user's transaction analysis from logs. * Transaction recognition for fast configuration and problem isolation. * Reports engine for IT transaction profiling. * Graph view of transaction structure. * Correlation between different systems. Analysis can be executed on without the need to modify or effect application configuration or performance. TxExpo can provide visibility into the systems both in real time and on past time through old logs analysis. It is also possible to analyze and detect asynchronous behavior. XPLG web site.XPLG invites your comments.