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    Hi All, I have assigned a module. I have a form and there are seven field. If user fill up only 2 field and closes the window by clicking the cross button then I want to track the record that user filled up only 2 field and left the form. Its a user tracking system and we want to track the record where the user left the form I need help in this way. Please reply soon. Thanks harish pathak

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    If using IE only then there is a callback to handle this onbeforeclose()
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    Thanks for your reply but how to track this, please read my question again. I want to track that user has left the page after filling up only two field. Thanks Please reply soon.
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    What else do you want? The man told you that you can catch the event before the page/window is closed. Read your form values then and submit them somewhere ... If you want someone to do your homework/job, there are places like rentacoder, freelance where you can pay for it ...
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    You can try for the onUnload method to track the browser close event just check with the Yaxis position is -ve to make sure that the window close button is clicked Then just u need to check the value of the two variable using javascript ( using DOM object like document.form.object.value
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    On close event of the window, write a javascript function which submits the page to the server. The server component could read the form parameters and do whats required in ur case