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    Published in July 2006, the best selling book Mastering EJB is now in its fourth edition and has been updated for EJB 3.0. This edition features chapters on session beans and message-driven beans, EJB-Java EE integration and advanced persistence concepts. In-depth coverage of the Java Persistence API and using POJO entities with EJB is also included. What's new with Mastering EJB 3.0: - More than 50% new and revised material - Four new chapters and one new appendix covering the latest features of the new release - Basic and advanced concepts (such as inheritance, relationships, and so on) of Java Persistence API defined entities - Information on integrating EJB applications with the outside world via the Java EE Connector technology - Tips and techniques for designing and deploying EJB for better performance - Best practices for EJB 3.0 application design, development and testing - Complete usage of EJB annotations along with equivalent XML configuration - Tricks and traps of EJB deployment - JBoss Workbook that discusses the exercises for each chapter (although the chapters are themselves vendor-agnostic) Download the free PDF for Mastering EJB 3.0. What do you think the book should look into? What changes or criticisms of the specification or presentation of the technology should the book have?

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  2. Congrats on getting the 3rd edition out. I've worked with Rima and Gerald on the 3rd edition and they did a great job. Ed Roman was not a co-author on this one, as he is off in video game land. :) I will not be re-doing EJB Design Patterns as EJB 3 has corrected most of the deficiences which needed patterns to fix. :) I think the only valid patterns left are those to do with distribution which apply to any distributed object architecture. See also a new related article: EJB 3 Essentials Glossary. Floyd
  3. Mastering EJB rocks[ Go to top ]

    You books are simply superb.
  4. Mastering EJB rocks[ Go to top ]

    Your books are simply superb.
  5. Thanks for all authors who deliver to us this book, If I am looking for a book in EJB, directly I am searching for Mastering EJB. It is a wonderful book. Now, EJB3 is here! I am surprised really. Again, Thanks for all who managed to make this book available. Ahmed Hashim Egypt Java User Group Leader
  6. I have to say that this book rocks. Well done for Bill and Richard!
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    Thanks a lot!
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    I have to say that this book rocks. Well done for Bill and Richard! Yeah, cool kenguru!
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    Thanks for the great work.
  10. What changes or criticisms of the specification or presentation of the technology should the book have?
    I have found the justification of the presence of types of beans at page 60 rather fragile. I have always thought at this as a restiction rather than a semplification. Entity beans as components have been largely criticized, so let's talk of POJO. Session bean types distinction is unecessary. Not so many lines of code could achieve the same result in a cleaner way. Message Bean is the emblem of the restriction recalled above: before EJB 2 there was no way for a xxxx to interact with JMS. It was necessary a spec change to add that (simple) possibility. In continuity with that I see EJB Timers. Even if not deeply embedded in the spec for what concerns the interface definition, the deployment descriptor has specific tags for that. But, anyway, it should be clear from other posts on this topic that I don't like EJB ;) Guido. P.S. Obviously, I have not read the book. Neverthless looks great.
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    For more details on the Java Persistence API see the newly released book from Apress that is devoted specifically to JPA, Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API. I can personally vouch for it ;-) Seriously, a lot of time and effort was spent making it a good book for beginners to pick up and learn the API, but also continue on to learn about the intermediate and advanced aspects of JPA. Kind of nice that it is not cluttered with stuff from previous EJB versions, too.
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    I would like to personally thank Daniel Rubio who conducted the technical review for this book on a very tight schedule. Congratulations to Rima, Gerald and Micah for continuing the Mastering EJB tradition! Nitin
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    Have you ever gone down a street and thought you were someplace else and everything looked COMPLETELY wrong, even though once you realize where you were, it was all completely familiar. Because of some unrelated work I've been doing, when I went to download the book I saw a "source code" link, I went in to a similar state. I saw that and thought "Oh, COOL! They've giving away the source to the book." Not the source for the examples, mind, I was thinking the source for the book. The Word, DocBook, TeX, whatever source files they used to lay out the book for publishing. Obviously, they're not. Of course they aren't. Duh. It's the examples. But for a moment there I was thinking "Wow! How cool is that." (No, I'm not asking that they do that, it's just a blurb of where my mind has been recently while working on a publishing project for work.)
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    Congrats to Micha, Rema and Gerald! Adding a shameless plug, watch for EJB3 In Action that will be published Oct/Nov -Debu Panda
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    Thanks for providing such a good book.