TeamCity – October Revolution in Team Development


News: TeamCity – October Revolution in Team Development

  1. TeamCity automates and coordinates key collaborative processes to eliminate manual systems and delays, providing tight integration with multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test frequency, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis. Some key TeamCity features include:
    • Continuous and automated build and testing eliminate cumbersome batch-testing and show the effect of every team member's change immediately
    • Intelligent Build Grid eliminates complicated traditional management systems by allowing multiple builds and tests to run on multiple machines at a time
    • Immediate notification when a change fails testing means code can be fixed immediately without disrupting the work of others
    • Integrated code coverage keeps track of tested code and locates untested gaps where problems may lurk
    • Server-side code inspections provide static code analysis to help all team members produce consistent and error-free code day after day
    • The rich web interface provides a project dashboard showing build configurations in simple, sequential steps, keeping team members informed on new builds, failed tests, approaching triggers and more
    TeamCity supports the most widely used build tools including Ant, Maven, NAnt, and MSBuild. It supports both JUnit (Java) and NUnit (.NET) testing frameworks, and integrates with the popular Perforce, Subversion, and CVS version control systems.
    Though TeamCity is independent of any particular IDE, a simultaneously released TeamCity plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 turns IntelliJ IDEA into a "remote control" that makes reports and notifications available from inside the IDE. It also provides one-click navigation to source code or to the web interface for a more global project overview. IDE integration extends the functionality of TeamCity itself, by adding several innovative productivity features, such as Remote Run of tests and Delayed commits that eliminate "5 o'clock check-in" problems by testing code as it is submitted, prior to automatically committing changes to whatever version control system is in use. This list just scratches the surface. For a full list of advanced TeamCity features that make all this possible, see You are also welcome to try TeamCity right now for a 60-day evaluation period.
  2. The irony of term "October revolution" would be appreciated only by Russians, I'm afraid :) I haven't played closely with TeamCity yet, only with demo on IntelliJ site, but it seems to be a quite useful tool, especialy in teams of 5 and more developers working on the same project. Do any kind of alternatives to TeamCity exist out there?
  3. The irony of term "October revolution" would be appreciated only by Russians, I'm afraid :)
    And by Hungarians :)
  4. And the Checzs? Slovaks? Poles? Should I continue?
  5. The irony of term "October revolution" would be appreciated only by Russians, I'm afraid :) And by Hungarians :) and by Egyptians(6th October victory)
  6. Its a matter of choice.
  7. Nikita,
    Do any kind of alternatives to TeamCity exist out there?
    There is about a dozen of open source projects of various quality and six or seven commercial software build management servers. One of them is our Parabuild Server. Regards, Slava Imeshev
  8. Yeah, Team city are the new ones on the scene. You'll see a lot of open source tools going back to 2001 and some commercial ones going back to 2002. The way too big (and still very incomplete) list of tools is here:
  9. I would like to request ... a) adding Pulse ( ) to the TeamCity comparison matrix. b) providing an open source licence for open source projects ;) Regards Daniel S. Haischt
  10. I think Damage Control's giant matrix is probably a better arbiter than all of us putting one another in matrixes. The teamcity matrix could use a review though, I'm pretty sure Cruise has the "You broke the build" notification as well as an eclipse plug-in.
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