Ninth Avenue releases Figbird CMS 2.0


News: Ninth Avenue releases Figbird CMS 2.0

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    Ninth Avenue Software is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Figbird 2.0, the latest version of our Web Content Management System (CMS). Figbird 2.0's new and existing features are:
    • WYSIWYG HTML editing Anybody with enough skill to compose an email will have no problem adding to and editing the site's content through Figbird's simple online HTML editor and administration tools.
    • Automatic server-side image resizing Figbird transparently resizes images on the server side to a suitable dimension before sending them in order to save bandwidth and download time.
    • In-built RSS support Figbird's Really Simple Syndication support makes it trivial to generate RSS feeds for any of the content on your site.
    • Human friendly URLs Figbird makes it easy to remember or bookmark your site's pages by using a human friendly URL scheme. Typical URLs look like or
    • New navigator for simpler through-the-web site administration The new navigator in Figbird 2.0 makes it easier than ever to get around your site and make changes.
    • Flexible privileges and role-based security model Easily create restricted sections of your website and create users and roles with different access levels.
    • Improved xhtml templating and theming Figbird keeps your content looking consistent by allowing you to create different templates for your content. Use one template for your staff profiles, one for your products, another for special events...
    • Database independence Written in a database independent manner, Figbird will work with practically any database which has a JDBC driver (now tested on Derby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hypersonic, H2, SQL Server and Oracle).
    • Improved servlet portability Figbird runs in any Servlet 2.4 compliant container and on any operating system with a Java 1.5 runtime (now tested on Tomcat, BEA Weblogic, JBoss, Oracle, Websphere, Geronimo and Glassfish).
    • Improved performance and memory usage We've sharpened our profiler and dramatically improved the response times and memory usage in Figbird 2.0.
    • Multisites ability A single installation of Figbird can be used to power an unlimited number of websites. Each site maintains separate log files and caches and can use a different theme and database backend
    A fully functional copy of Figbird can be downloaded from the product page, and includes a one month trial license. Under the covers, Figbird's enabling technologies are JSF 1.2, Facelets and OpenJPA.

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  2. It's fun to me that people are so happy to have a WYSIWYG HTML editor in their "CMS". First, these components are so widespread that it shouldn't be a feature to be particularly proud of. Second, if you're making a CMS, a Content Management System, you should not be happy with an HTML editor, because HTML is not the best format to use for generic content management. How do you use your HTML content if you need to reuse your content in PDF files, or if you need to change the layout of the content to reuse it in another web site ? Handling internal links in a preproduction / production scenario is also a problem. I have tens of examples of problems caused by those marvelous javascript based HTML editors in a real CMS, where content is used and reused. But maybe Figbird is only a web site only management system. If that's the case, don't call it a CMS.
  3., yes. Perhaps the order of that list needed a little more attention.
  4. So many CMS arounds...[ Go to top ]

    Why reinventing the weel once every few months?. There are highly mature ( widely used (, well documented (, opensource CMS out there. Why not just using them and center about extra services around something that has been succesfully working for a long time?.
  5. Too many CMS[ Go to top ]

    True, there are too many. One could find numerous examples of high profile sites for any of the hundreds of CMS out there. It's almost like the developers prefs are more important than a lack of diversity. Which is why its appropriate to post a Java CMS to TSS.