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    Today ALM Works has announced the release of JIRA Client 1.0, a desktop front-end for Atlassian JIRA issue tracker. JIRA Client integrates seamlessly with existing JIRA installations and allows frequent JIRA users to save time, manage issues effectively, concentrate on execution and work offline. Since the first beta version, a number of enhancements were added to JIRA Client, including:
  2. Placing a link simultaneously with execution of a workflow action;
  3. "Resolve as Duplicate" action that allows to quickly place a "duplicates" link to the original issue;
  4. New distribution dialog allows to filter and group values;
  5. Linking issues with drag-and-drop. Updated screenshots and free evaluation download are available. (Evaluation license key is no longer required.) JIRA Client comes under a free license for participants of established open-source projects, and under a wide range of commercial licenses for all kind of JIRA users.

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    This is some sort of proof that 'Web Application's' future is in rich UI applications based on desktop windowing toolkits, rather then on HTML/JavaScript/AJAX. This is, of course, in contrast to 'Web Sites' for which HTML/JavaScript/AJAX is more suited. Though the line between 'Web Applications' and 'Web Sites' is somewhat blurred. Too bad JIRA Client is not deployed via Java Web Start. Is there a reason?
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    Too bad JIRA Client is not deployed via Java Web Start. Is there a reason?
    Well, since there's a demand for web start package, we'll add it later. There's no obvious reason why we haven't done it yet. I think that's because I personally prefer to download and install software, rather than launch it from web. And after all, one of the key JIRA Client features is the ability to work offline, so I think it's better not to rely on the web start cache but have a good old app with an icon on the desktop. Cheers, Igor
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    I am wondering why it is not based on Netbeans RCP when it is swing based? is there any reason that you avoid netbeans RCP, at least you will get more support from netbeans community this way.
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    FWIW, Eclipse Mylar has a JIRA client that integrates very well with the Eclipse workbench and, in particular, the Java Development Tools (it's not language-specific; I use it to develop Java, PHP, XML, and HTML files). Mylar manages a context that it contects with your bug reports; that context keeps track of the files, classes, methods, etc. that you access (thereby expressing interest in) and filters the various views to show only those elements that are germain to the task. Very cool stuff.
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    FWIW, Eclipse Mylar has a JIRA client that integrates very well with the Eclipse workbench.
    I'ts certainly worth to have a look at it, however, I'm waiting for the next release. I used it for a couple of days and was annoyed at the little details that didn't work in my environment. An interesting step in the right direction for big projects and many co-workers, though! Kuno
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    Igor, Congratulations on this release, I liked the summary tables and flexibility they offer greatly ;) You'll understand me when your JIRA contains thousands of issues/patches/requests scheduled for several next major releases (oh, I guess yours does). And the performance was great, the offline/sync style is definitely worth it.
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    Andrew, thank you very much. By the way, I feel that summary tables are currently done not quite right from the usability point of view. We had difficult time figuring out where to put that panel, and how one would use it. So any feedback is very welcome; if you have any ideas how summary tables could be more useful and convenient to you, please post them to our forums. Cheers, Igor