JBossESB 4.0 GA released


News: JBossESB 4.0 GA released

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    Mark Little has announced that JBossESB 4.0 is generally available, with some feature updates but with focus on the user experience. Features:
    • support for general notification framework. Transports supported include JMS (JBossMQ, JBoss Messaging and MQSeries), email, database or file system.
    • trailblazer example.
    • many quickstart examples to get you going.
    • support for data transformations using Smooks or XSLT.
    • listeners and action model to support loose-coupling of interaction steps.
    • content based routing using JBoss Rules or XPath.
    • support for registries, using JAX-R and jUDDI out-of-the-box.
    • gateways to allow non-ESB aware traffic to flow into the ESB.
    • high performance and reliability (in use by a large insurance company for 3 years).
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  3. Good catch - thank you, and it's been fixed.
  4. Good catch - thank you, and it's been fixed.
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    There are several opensource ESB available in java community, but i could not find a comparsion chart for them. does any one has experiences with JbossESB and serviceMix to give some fature by feature or overall comparsion between them? thanks