The new version of TeamCity 2.0 – which has recently got a JOLT Productivity Award in the Collaboration Tools category – allows Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 developers to facilitate their changes integration, continuously maintain the code quality, monitor the software development process, and improve the team collaboration without breaking the established practices. The Eclipse plugin providing integration with Subclipse allows you to:
  • create personal builds and commit changes through delayed (pre-tested) commit
  • monitor the projects status
  • explore the changes introduced in the source code and compare the local version with the latest version in the project repository
  • navigate from the build logs opened within Eclipse to files referenced in build log
  • view failed tests of a particular build
  • navigate to TeamCity's web interface
We are confident that the new features will be appreciated by our Eclipse users, and bring more productivity in your daily development process. A detailed overview of Eclipse plugin possibilities is available. Developing in your team with IntelliJ IDEA has become even more pleasant with the improved plugin for TeamCity. Review the list of plugin enhancements TeamCity 2.0's server functionality has also been highly enriched with new features and innovative improvements:
  • Dependent builds and Ivy integration
  • Searching for code duplicates and reviewing results on the web and/or in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Support of Team Foundation Server and ClearCase
  • Viewing file differences on the web
  • LDAP integration
  • Project cloning
  • And more
The complete list of TeamCity 2.0 enhancements is available at To download the new version of TeamCity, please visit Free 60-day evaluation is available, as usual. To make your review of the Eclipse integration with TeamCity easier, we have prepared a short flash demo highlighting its features. Wishing you develop and collaborate with pleasure! The JetBrains Team