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    Hi All,
             Can anybody explain what is meant by clustering
    in EJB world? Does it related to Loadbalancing?
    Thanks in advance

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    If you are talking in context to the application server
    here we can consider weblogic server clustering in
    weblogic so the out come is if there are n number of beans running on one appserver here weblogic i can provide the group of cluster and each cluster will be havaing the reaplica of the origanl server beans again it may depend on algoritm u have used round robin or weighted round robin i am not sure wether i have given some inputs on this or not let me know the comment for the same.

  3. Clustering means group of weblogic servers that coordinate their actions to provide scalable, highly available services in a transparent manner
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    Manoj and Bhaskar,
    Why dun u say clearly whether clustering is related to Load Balancing or not and as Manoj said clustering can be for the same server instances (a cluster is a collection of the same server instances-> Interesting). Can clustering be meant for Multiple server use. I always thought that clusters were a group of servers like/unlike and were used just like a view in a db( to get the best of both worlds) Please correct me if i am mistaken.
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    Yes, clustering is for load balancing. Load balancing is a more generic term. For eg you could have a web server do load banancing for http requests before hitting the app servers.