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    Hello By Spring, it is meant not only the Spring Framework but all Spring portfolio of projects: Spring Framework, Spring Web Flow (SWF), Spring Security (ACEGI), Spring Rich Client Project (RCP), Spring Modules, Spring.NET, Spring IDE, Spring Web Services, Spring Batch, Spring OSGi, Spring LDAP, Spring Java Configuration and may be more to come in the future. - Seen the tremendous benefits for the Spring Community and the Java/J2EE/JEE/.NET communities at large to have a best practices guide for developing applications using Spring Portfolio of projects... - Seen that some recommendations for spring best practices are only available piecemeal in some blogs, articles, books, presentations and forums... - Seen that even these piecemeal available best practices are not clearly identified as such... - Seen that what might be considered a best practice at a certain time might not still hold true with the new enhancements and capabilities being added to the Spring Portfolio of projects... - Seen the unavailability of such 'Spring Best Practices Guide' as of today June 17, 2007... I would like to propose a collaborative compilation of Spring Best Practices into a 'SPRING BEST PRACTICES GUIDE': - Which includes Spring best practices shared by the Spring Community - In which the best practices are validated by the committers to the various Spring Portfolio of projects and experts from the Spring community - In which all Spring committers and contributors with Spring best practices will be acknowledged - Which is available for FREE to the Spring community - Kept current with new recommendations for Spring best practices as more feedback is gathered from the Spring "trenches" and the Spring portfolio of projects gets more maturity Your contributions to share, with the Spring Community, best practices for developing applications using Spring Framework and the Spring Portfolio of projects are much appreciated. Examples of known Spring best practices: 1. Best practices for using Setter injection versus Constructor injection? 2. Best practices using XML files versus annotations for configuring Spring applications? 3. Best practices when developing with Spring Web Flow? 4. Best practices for using Spring OSGi? ........ What Spring best practice would you like to share with the community? What do you propose to enhance this idea? Regards, Slim Baltagi http://www.SpringHub.com
  2. Best practives for dynamic authorization I mean managing security roles and authorities at runtime. We don't want to define roles and authorities in container or in xml files. We want to define them in database and manage them at runtime. Thanks..
  3. Hi, Here is an interesting post about Twelve Best Practices For Spring XML Configurations Nabil