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    The Artifactory Team is pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 1.2.1 final release. Artifactory is an open source Maven 2 Enterprise Repository. It offers advanced artifact proxying, caching and security controls and helps achieving a robust, reproducible and independent build environment when using Maven 2 inside a corporate environment. Artifactory uses a JSR-170 compliant Java Content Repository (JCR) for storage, which makes it extremely easy to manage fully indexed and searchable metadata and to provide extended features such as security, transacted operations, auditing, locking, etc. Major changes in this release are: - Enhanced security model with repository+repository-path based permissions - Importing repositories as zip archives - Stricter deploy-time checks for improved repository consistency - Fully JRE 1.5 compliant, both in standalone and war versions (1.6 is no longer needed ;) - Users can manage their own profile - Improved documentation - Many, many bug fixes and small improvements A complete feature list of Artifactory can be found here: Artifactory is currently available as a downloadable archive, that can run out of the box or be deployed into any standard servlet container. Automatic install script to run it as a Linux service is also provided. It can be downloaded from Enjoy, The Artifactory Team

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    Hi there, I read the Article about settings up a Maven Repository and saw Artifactory the first time there. Does anyone has experiences with it? is it stable enough for production use? Bests, hannes
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    Guys, it's the second major post about Artifactory release I see on tss, and, unfortunately, I can't take the product seriously, though would love to. Tests performed on FireFox 2/Win. Last time it always crashed the browser right after login. This time I was able to login, but after clicking on Search artifacts - hangs the browser (no crash, though). Come on...
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    We never had any browser crashing issues reported before by anyone, especially not with FF. Might be related to an installed extension you have, but it's hard to tell without investigating. BTW, It would be much more productive to report issues like that if you wish them to be resolved (either by fixing a real bug or by finding where the problem lies), rather than waiting for the next release to see if unreported issues get automagically fixed. My 2c ;)
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    Hangs my FF too!
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    It would be great if you could submit an issue to JIRA so that we can look into it - If you do, please describe the page it hangs in, the version of FF you are using and any installed extensions, so we can successfully replicate this. Thanks!
  7. I don't have extensive experience yet, but in my initial testing it definitely looks better than Proximity (which is buggy, hard to configure, and has only a barely usable UI). And of course it's light-years ahead of the obsolete maven-proxy. Installation and configuration is a snap, the Web UI is nice (no Firefox crashes here), and so far I haven't encountered any problems doing a couple of long-running and fairly complex Maven builds.
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    Hi, we use Artifactory about 5 months and it works without problems. It's easy to setup, easy to use. The only feature we are missing is maven 1 repository support (issue There is lot of libraries especially on available only in maven 1 repos and it prevent us to use single enterprise repository. Anyway thanks for good work Yoav and all artifactory team.