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  1. What r the tools best for weblogic (2 messages)

    Hi Guys

       Pl. help me regarding what r the GUI tools available to generate the EJB beans .& what is best

       If possible give me any links

       I had gone thru sites kawa5.0 , visualAge3.5 .But I'm not able to find out which is best for Weblogic. & why

    Thanks & Regards
  2. The best one I have worked on so far is Visual Cafe 4.0
      U only need to write the Bean class in it and it writes the other interfaces for u . for making the DD it has a very simple GUI which I found better that EJBDeployerTool that comes with weblogic. And there is a provision of hot deployement too.
       Other than this I have heard JBuilder is also good.

  3. Thanks Mr. Somi. Later I had gone thru the some sites there the ranking is first for visual age next all these