ProdigyFish: Help find mentors for young developers who need help


News: ProdigyFish: Help find mentors for young developers who need help

  1. Hi, I'm David L. Whitehurst, owner and chief architect at Cape Henry Technologies Inc. Cape Henry Technologies, Inc.. I started a project called ProdigyFish to find mentors or prodigy developers that could be hooked up together mainly to help young developers and help them find talented mentors. I personally have a son that suffers mental illness and his IQ is off the charts. He would make an excellent software developer, but socially he wouldn't make it in the corporate world that we live in. I know there are developers out there that may be disabled and/or suffer mental illness where they cannot work in a cube like the rest of us do. I myself am occupying a cube right now on contract for a large corporation in Oklahoma City. I truly believe that enterprise development can be done remotely and with proper direction this would save big business money and provide employment for those who like to work remote. Also, there are talented developers out there that would like to settle their family somewhere and quit moving to the next best gig. I'm willing to develop the business, I just need to find the talent now to make this happen. No travel will be required but our standards are going to be high. So anyone interested in this kind of work and willing to be flexible until this project can be established, please contact me dlwhitehurst at gmail dot com and please visit Pay it forward!
  2. I think this is a great idea.
  3. That's a beautiful initiative! I myself have a sister mentally deficient that unfortunately can't join the productive society in any way. I think this is the kind of attitude that can make a huge difference, help others to feel really alive! Congratulations!
  4. Hi David, This is a great idea! One idea might be to team up with OpenLogic in some capacity to start out with -- I don't know how lucrative it is, but it looks like they have an Expert Community that will pay on a ticket resolution basis: Another thought might be SpikeSource, though I'm not sure how their community system works. Cheers, Jim
  5. This is a great idea. I completely agree that enterprise development doesn't have to be done in a cubicle in a formal work location. With the advent of remote desktop and vpn I don't see why it can't be done remotely.
  6. Since we posted here about ProdigyFish, we are getting roughly 700-800 views daily. That's exciting! And to answer all the questions we're getting, a forum has been established to centralize the communications. Please visit I personally want to thank my friend Joseph Ottinger and TheServerSide for the posting of my news message. You should thank by saving those rss feeds and providing your input to help other developers with all things technical. Thanks, David L. Whitehurst