Developers using niche operating systems are no strangers to porting applications in order to use them in their favorite OS. In this case, the following blog entry explores the initial steps needed to get Java's 1.6 FreeBSD port running on Apple's OS X, its far from complete porting instructions, but its a step in the right direction for those looking to use Java 6 in Apple's OS X.
I've long wondered what it would take to get the FreeBSD Java Port running on OS X, so this weekend I spent a couple days getting Java 1.6 running on my x86 Leopard machine. Weekend is over, and I can report partial success -- hotspot compiles, the jre mostly bootstraps, and Hello World runs. Anything complex appears to trigger stack alignment issues (Apple's i386 API requires a 16-byte aligned stack) The patch is based on the BSD 1.6 JDK patchset, which means you need to download Sun's JDK source, the FreeBSD patchset, AND the Darwin patches. Instructions on downloading the Sun source, and the FreeBSD patchset, are available from the FreeBSD JDK site
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