Urbancode releases AnthillPro 3.4, the newest version of its Continuous Integration, Dependency Management, Deployment Automation, Test Orchestration, and Release Management tool. AnthillPro provides a unique, holistic view of the entire software lifecycle - something we call an Application Lifecycle Automation server. AnthillPro supports teams developing in Java, .Net and native languages and provides management of both the build farm and deployment environments. What does that mean? AnthillPro will help you build your software consistently, capture the results, and notify your team. When you like a build, you can have AnthillPro run your tests, or deploy it to target servers. User Interface Changes For version 3.4, the User Interface underwent significant changes to increase user productivity and make AnthillPro more intuitive. Now Ajax enabled, version 3.4 combines many common processes reducing the time users spend navigating from page to page. In addition to a new look, this release introduces a hierarchical project management scheme enabling users to organize projects, workflows, and jobs into folders; as well as new metrics and reports that place relevant information at the users' fingertips. Configuration Libraries AnthillPro 3.4 also introduces a job library and a workflow library, allowing users to set up standardized build practices by reusing configuration across multiple projects. For teams with many similar projects, this represents a large savings in setup time and maintenance. New And Improved Integrations
  • Maven2 now works in tandem with Anthill's embedded dependency management system: Codestation
  • Mercury Quality Center issue tracking
  • Telelogic Synergy is supported as a source repository
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server is supported as a source repository.
  • SourceGear Vault is supported as a source repository
  • MSBuild supported natively
  • Microsoft SQL Server: AnthillPro can now store it's data in a Microsoft SQL Server instance
Other New Features
  • A Guest Account - optional read only account providing access to public information
  • Restart failed processes from the point of failure
  • System tray tool can push build status updates to your desktop
  • Central location to download IDE plug-ins, customization APIs, etc.
  • AnthillPro server acts as an update site for Eclipse plug-ins
Find out more about AnthillPro. Download Urbancode's AnthillPro and try it yourself. AnthillPro is commercially licensed to teams ranging from a handful of developers to the enterprise with thousands of developers, testers, and build engineers. Urbancode continues to support Open Source Software with complimentary licenses.