Genuitec (the company that gave us MyEclipse) has just released "Pulse," a product designed to propagate Eclipse profiles - which means installing Eclipse with the tools you select or, perhaps, sharing your installation's capabilities with others. Genuitec is offering a $100 gift card to Amazon for TSS readers who suggest a winning tagline for Pulse. Pulse uses its own network to share profiles. Registration is free and involves only a username, an email address, and a password. After login, a selection of profiles for Eclipse - including a PHP profile, a Java profile, and a C profile (as well as access to a full catalog) is provided. The full catalog includes MyEclipse, of course, as well as the classic Eclipse Europa installation, WindowBuilder Pro, Matisse for MyEclipse, Mylyn, FindBugs, and ICEFaces tooling. Selection of one of these profiles shows a rating for the profile (up to five stars) and the software license for the profile. Choosing to run a given profile then downloads the software package and installs it locally. You can also create your own profiles and groups, to allow those in your workgroup to use your profile. This would be useful when in a design team, to propagate a working profile to every member of the team, regardless of direct filesystem access. As it's still in beta, Pulse is available for Windows only - but Genuitec says that Mac and Linux clients are on their way. To win the $100 gift card to Amazon, TSS readers should download and try Pulse, then submit a tagline idea to jens at genuitec dot com. A tagline idea is a blurb, a short phrase that communicates the essence of Pulse in a single phrase. Only the winner will be notified via email. Pulse (download) looks like a great way to deliver Eclipse configurations to multiple users - and Genuitec also says that while it's only for Eclipse today, the platform will also be appropriate for other software as well.