The GRails Application Generator (GRAG) v1.0 released


News: The GRails Application Generator (GRAG) v1.0 released

  1. GRAG is a free domain object generator for the Grails framework ( With GRAG you can reverse engineer an existing database and generate your Grails domain objects from it. You can use The GRails Application Generator (GRAG) to get started with Grails using an existing database. It will generate Grails domain objects including constraints and relations. After generating the domain objects, you can continue using Grails with all it's power. Take a look at: And download the final release from: I hope you'll find this tool usefull. cheers, Rudie Ekkelenkamp.

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  2. Another handy util from Finalist[ Go to top ]

    I've used Finalist's JAG to generate the struts/spring/hibernate app and enjoyed it so much. Downloading GRAG now :)
  3. A bit ironic, given the criticism aimed at Rails/ActiveRecord for basing its domain model on the db model. Still, no doubt there are cases where this would be appropriate. Kit
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    I really enjoy tje tools provided here i sued them all the time!

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    there is a lot of useful information on this site

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