Empire of Shine frame work Hello! I'm alen smith, a java developer. A few days ago, I encounter a new Java frame work named Shine. I read it's getting started document and that motivated me to test it. I really enjoyed it, when I worked with it more! The Shine's Developer had written some documents about it, in Sourceforge.net & J2sos.org. The documents said that Shine: 1. Is a full java service oriented frame work. 2. Is a JWMS (Java Web Model Service architecture) frame work for web base projects. 3. Includes Ajax, MVC, Service Oriented Scope. So I tried to implement a simple sample in order to know it better. I found out that shine has a different view point about Service & to be Service oriented, that was very interesting for me! Shine has deployed on JWMS architecture that is exclusive to itself. Furthermore it supports MVC architecture too. As another advantage, Shine doesn't have the complexity of the other frameworks (for example FormBean component in Struts, …) and let developers to work with a very strong but simple operational process. The other advantage is full Ajax supporting of Shine. The simplicity but the power of Shine's validation is one of its advantages too. After working with Shine a little more, I realize something interesting in it. In addition to the Shines Special capability which I said, it has complex capabilities of Tapestry, Struts, Servlet, Jsp & … . I had developed some big java application projects. And as a professional developer I think Shine has some disadvantages, too. Shine is at its first version & doesn't have enough documents, Also it isn't experienced by developers. So it isn't reliable enough to develop the projects with it. And this is the reasons that don’t let me to deploy a real project with it. Time will show us, whether shine is so strong to show itself as a powerful framework among the others or not?! I don’t know, maybe Shine has some other advantages or disadvantages too. I really hope to learn about it more & will be glad if you let me know about your experiences touching Shine framework. My email: saam_xox@yahoo.com