Difference between java webserver and weblogic?


EJB design: Difference between java webserver and weblogic?

  1. Can anyone help me in giving the answer for my question
    "Difference between a java webserver and weblogic?
  2. Java web server is an HTTP server or simply a websever. It means your browser can talk to the webserver through the HTTP protcol. On top of that the Java web server supports a servlet container too, it means it can execute your java class files as a servlet. Weblogic on the other hand is a J2EE(EJB) application server. It means it support a framework to develop server side Java objects. These server side object runs under a managed environment(container)provided by the weblogic server. I think(please confirm it) weblogic application server comes with a web server too. Hope it answers your question.

  3. Hi
       one more thing is appliation servers such as weblogic
    provide middleware services to the server side components deployed in that servers.
    but the web servers will not.