eXo Portal 2.5 released


News: eXo Portal 2.5 released

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    The main feature of the 2.5 release is the full support of Google Gadgets: - Gadgets can be placed in the user workspace or in the new dashboard that provides a fully customizable gadget page - Edit and maintain custom gadgets within eXo Portal either with the inline gadget RTL framework and it provides a support for the Arabic language Beside that the news and noteworthy features are - Upgrade of the overall look and feel - The new application registry supports now gadgets via a more intuitive user interface - Improved usability of the portal editor with the support of the page body drag and drop - Drop of the support of the widget framework in favor of OpenSocial gadgets - Product split between the portal and the WebOS, now the WebOS is considered as a separate product You can download the release here and read the release notes.
  2. Have a look at that short video, simple but efficient: http://vimeo.com/2069512