Web Beans 1.0.0.ALPHA1 released


News: Web Beans 1.0.0.ALPHA1 released

  1. Web Beans 1.0.0.ALPHA1 released (3 messages)

    Some of the highlights of this release include simple and enterprise Web Beans, support for JBoss Application Server 5, typesafe injection, events and producer methods. The release also includes three examples, a full EE example, with enterprise beans, a war example with simple beans and the login example from the reference docs. To learn more about Web Beans, read the reference guide or browse seamframework.org. More...

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  2. Only in JbossAS!!![ Go to top ]

    Hi all congratulation to all the java developers community for this great step, webbeans simplify numerous things and give u different simple alternatives to implement enterprise patterns, i encourage anyone to test the RI BUT, it is right now only supported on the JbossAS,while jboss is an excellent app server, i prefer running on lighter containers, actually tomcat , so i was wondering when do u expect to support it? thanks again and congratulations joe
  3. Nice work guys[ Go to top ]

    There are three WebBeans implementations in development that I know of: jBoss, Resin, and an Apache project, so you're not going to be limited to jBoss in any way. Also, the spec is still in draft stage, so it's a little early to be worrying about implementations. :)
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    The Web Beans RI features an SPI that allows it to be integrated with other application servers. In particular I expect to see GlassFish support very soon.