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    LiquidTest ( is a tool that will allow you to save time by finding defects as they occur, automate testing with real browsers. Built upon Browser Automation, LiquidTest consists of an Eclipse rich client application (and Plug-in) for recording Browser actions in Firefox and Internet Explorer and outputting test cases in Java, JUnit and TestNG, C# NUnit, Ruby and Groovy. Core LiquidTest functionality: - Browser Automation - Firefox and Internet Explorer - Cross-platform script generation and execution - Easy recording and replay of test cases - Integrations with JUnit, Continuous Integration, Eclipse, .NET and other frameworks - Language support for Java, C# (.NET), Groovy and Ruby - IDE plugins (Eclipse) and standalone, and headless server component - Open SDK for plugins and custom integrations - Headless test case execution and scalable across a Grid - Data-driven support: Powerful GUI, and direct support for Excel spreadsheets - Advanced testing features: Expectation model - no sleeps. Drag and drop support etc. The LiquidTest ( framework consists of three separate editions; Developer Edition, Tester Edition and Server Edition. The LiquidTest Developer Edition has been created for Software Developers aiming to complement their Agile software development practices by integrating Functional Tests (as Unit Tests) into their Software Development Process. LiquidTest supports headless test case execution which allows for regression tests at every step of the build process. Support for Continuous Integration means that the LiquidTest Server can be integrated on your Continuous Integration machine and utilized in an Automated test execution manner to provide complete Functional and Acceptance Test coverage. The LiquidTest Server Edition is a Server component specifically designed to add support for headless LiquidTest test case execution on Continuous Integration servers. See our Continuous Integration and LiquidTest for more information on LiquidTest/Ant/Continuous Integration setups. The LiquidTest Tester Edition is designed for Test and Quality Assurance teams that have less technical knowledge than the Development team. LiquidTest Tester Edition outputs concise scripts in LiquidTest Script (Groovy derivative) which in turn is powerful but not syntactically complicated. LiquidTests recorded with the Tester Edition can be replayed with the Developer Edition and vice-versa. This provides close integration between Development and Test/QA teams. Download a Free 30 day trial at .
  2. A lot of testing, automation tools are suddenly not so useful when sites are built using ajax.
  3. I agree Shawn. A lot of automated testing products fall very flat on Ajax. LiquidTest however was architected to support Ajax from day 1. We developed LiquidTest around an "Expectation" model, so sleeps are not required. The following is a test case I just recorded on using the Ajax based textfield: public void testMethod() { browser.load("");"searchbox", 0); browser.type("B"); browser.expectingModificationsTo("id('ac-list')").type("H"); browser.expectingLoad().click("id('ac-list')/DIV[2]/DIV/SPAN[2]"); assertEquals("BHP Billiton Limited (ADR)", browser.getValue("BHP Billiton Limited (ADR)")); } As you can see LiquidTest spots the modifications that are happening to the DOM as we type "BH". You should try LiquidTest out and if you do find any Ajax issues please be sure to let us know.