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    Does anyone else have this problem? In all my Firefox browsers (currently on 3.0.8), TSS article content is much wider than my browser window. I have a dual display (1600x1200 x2) and the content would spread across 1 1/2 screens. It gets even worse when I zoom in (ctrl-+). By experimenting, I have found the villain is the width="*" attribute on the td element in the text section. If I save the page and take the width attribute out, then the page formats to my screen properly. (Research tells me that the "width" attribute is deprecated.) I love TSS, but having to save the article and "fix" the html to read it (or transfer the text to Word) is no fun. Any advice? Example URL: https://www.theserverside.com/tt/articles/article.tss?l=IntroducingJavaPureFaces --John
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    Note: the problem does not affect all articles, so perhaps it is an authorial issue.