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    As a part of the opening general session of JavaOne on Tuesday, Scott McNealy and James Gosling unveiled the Java Store, at The purpose of the Java Store is to give developers who are building Java applications that they care about on their own time the opportunity to make money from them. The motto of this announcement was to “turn a labor of love into a day job.? Right now, the store is in beta, and while developers can post applications to the store (with a not-announced approval process), there is no ability to pay for those applications today. Gosling said that they have explored several possible mechanisms for payment, but want feedback from the community on the best approach. This sounds like a great opportunity to get new Java applications to the world at large, and may represent a way for Java developers to eventually see some financial return for the investments they are making in specific projects.
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    yet another app store.... while this could work quite well for selling components and applications that help with java development I can't see how it would work for general purpose software. When people go shopping for software they go looking for a solution. I never heard anyone saying "hey, lets go and buy some java programs", or "hey let's go and buy a c# program". People go shopping for spreadsheets, photo editing or personal finance applications. What language the application is written in, whether it runs natively or in a VM, common people just don't care, and they shouldn't. 99% of people on this planet don't even know what Java is - some may recall it's an Indonesian island, but that's it. so labeling it ============== The Java Store is the single best online destination where you will find the most interesting, useful and entertaining Java software applications. ============== doesn't make any sense. Now if they want to make this a marketplace for JAVA components and development tools, I'm sure that would work, I'd be both a client and a publisher. If they want to make this general purpose marketplace for software written in Java, that's going to fail. For a uISV there is a big chance that would even drive sales off, because potential customers will think this is some weird special requirement.
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    No server-side applications = no way
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    Hibernate can be a client-side library, finally make you bitches pay for years of hardwork!
  5. People who uses linux or mac can buy java software. They can look at this store as an alternative. Geraldo Lopes
  6. I liked the way Gosling explained his feelings about the App Store. He said that anything that encourages a marketplace where developers can earn a living by building desktop applications and utilities for Unix and Linux should be encouraged. Frank Cohen
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    I don't see why Sun can't allow non-Java applications on the Java store as well. The only thing that would be tricky is to decide whether those applications should be required to be cross-platform, or whether the target platforms should be clearly labeled. For example, if an app is Windows-only, should that be allowed, or would it defeat the purpose of the store.