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    anybody knows how to set the JVM memory usage in Tomcat webserver?

    In my machine, the VM may not be using all of the machines available memory. So i have to Increase the
    size of the JVM memory with the following command:

    java -ms32000000 -mx128000000 classname

    This will set the initial size to 32M and the max size to 128M.

    Please let me know if anybody has any idea.

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    Hi Sandip,

    I think u already have sufficient memory allocated for the server. even if u go beyond than what u r using currently, will not improve performance of ur server ( if that's the intention).

    There are many factors like hardware dependent factors, OS dependent factors, code itself, server implementation etc. that affects the performance of tomcat server.

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    Whay do you want it to use memory?

    It will start to use more memory if you throw more requests at it (Since each request = a thread = a stack + more information on the heap if your thread creates objects.)