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    You've read how VMWare and SpringSource are joining forces. But what exactly will be the technical changes emerging from this merger? SpringSource CTO Adrian's Colyer provides a first glimpse at concepts that include blueprints, vApps and provisioning, that will start to appear on account of this merger. Read Adrian's Colyer's post 'Virtualization & Enterprise Java':
  2. Hello, My question is I have a one CPU with 1GB of memory, the limitation for 1 CPU is 200 threads ( correct me if i am wrong), now if the application is accepting more than 200 threads what would be best solution 1. Increase the capacity ( 2CPU with 2 GB) or 2. Increase the Memory 2GB and double the max threads to 400 in the server.xml configuration In case 2 would the application crash and experience slow reponse or ?? Thanks & Appreciated JJ