SpringSource Launches Enterprise Java Cloud


News: SpringSource Launches Enterprise Java Cloud

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    As part of its continuing push to remove complexity from the enterprise Java application lifecycle SpringSource announced a new Enterprise Java Cloud offering that enables developers to deploy and manage Spring, Grails and Java applications within a public cloud environment. SpringSource Cloud Foundry provides an easy-to-use self-service approach, enabling developers to deploy their applications in minutes using a simple web interface. It offers automation of common deployment blueprints and intelligent, SLA-driven resource allocation with automatic scaling and automatic infrastructure repair. Rod Johnson's blog post describes the background behind the technology and the Cloud Foundry website has a complete feature list for more details. The technology behind SpringSource Cloud Foundry was created by the noted Java expert and highly regarded Spring community member, Chris Richardson. Chris and his team are now part of SpringSource and you can read his blog entry to learn more. Watch the demonstration video and sign-up for an account to try out the Enterprise Java Cloud.
  2. What is the difference between this product and RightScale, beside the cost, which I think can be as high as $500/month for RightScale?