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    hi all, is there a way reading/creating java object from xml without knowing its structure beforehand? I mean everytime a new xml is needed... tnx

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    You can use standard Java libraries to dynamically parse/construct XML. You can easily create a new XML dynamically using DOM or JDOM. You can use SAX, DOM, JDOM or StAX to process XML. You can use Lists and Maps to dynamically construct a Java representation of a parsed XML to be used in your code. Of course, these statements are pretty general, but your requirements are not too specific as well. Please give more specific requirements for a more specific advice. Java Development on Demand. http://www.hitech.com.ua/en/
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    I've found XStream to be very useful, it does the Object to XML and XML to Object for you. http://xstream.codehaus.org/ Two minute tutorial here: http://xstream.codehaus.org/tutorial.html
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    Cant u use , JAXB or JAXP for the xml processing, I think this will help u to acheive u r purpose.