Hi, Do you know a technology which can provide me a portlet-like interface? But I do not want to use JSR 168/268 portlet specifications and a portlet container. The reason is: My web app is a product which can be installed on the client's server (it can be weblogic/websphere/tomcat). Packing the portlets container along with my application to be installed on clients web server is just too much. Besides, there are a lot of features this technology offers which I don't need. Actually, all I need is the porlets look and feel (dragable and customizable windows,adding and removing windows and so on). I know there is also the possibility to do it with client technology (like jquery) and that is cool, but I would like to know if there is any kind of java technology out there which will also give me that. So, if you know something like a struts or a spring-mvc component library which does this job or maybe a third party product, I would like to know. If you think my whole approach is wrong I would also like to know that.