OpenWebBeans Team is pleased to announce that OpenWebBeans has passed all the tests in the JSR-330 (Dependency Injection for Java) TCK suite. OpenWebBeans will be an ASL-licensed implementation of the Context and Dependency Injection for Java EE Platform Specification which is defined as JSR-299. We have also added a new sample that shows how to use the OpenWebBeans dependency injection service in a standalone Java SE environments for example using in Java Swing applications. Feel free to ask any questions about the OpenWebBeans via our forums. Source Code Location: ---------------- Project Main Site : -------------------- User Forum : ------------------- openwebbeans-users at incubator dot apache dot org Developer Forum : ------------------- openwebbeans-dev at incubator dot apache dot org Wiki Page : ------------ Blog Page : ------------ Gurkan Erdogdu OpenWebBeans Project