JIRA Plug-in to manage issues as a backlog : Issue Orderer


News: JIRA Plug-in to manage issues as a backlog : Issue Orderer

  1. Here is a free plug-in for JIRA that will allow you to manage a backlog within your issue navigator. In fact, this plug-in provides you tools to order your issues easily (using up and down arrows, and more !). You can find the documentation and download the plug-in here : http://www.financeactive.com/pages/pole-dev/jira_issue_orderer_plugin/jira_issue_orderer_plugin_en.jsp) The plug-in is under BSD license, so feel free to use it with no restriction ! This plug-in was created by Finance Active development team. Finance Active is a French company specialized in Java/J2EE saas applications for financial decision making tools. You can get more information (if you want to join us for example :-)) about us here : http://www.financeactive.com/GB-en/Home.do

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  2. Arbitrary numbers[ Go to top ]

    Good idea - we use JIRA for product backlog, and whilst GreenHopper is on the (far) horizon, the Product Owner has to maintain an Excel spreadsheet for ordering the backlog. Not sure I like the "exposed" ordering numbers though. It remind me of coding with line numbers (e.g. BASIC) and using units of 10 for numbers, so I have some room to add lines in between. Simple and effective, but I think my Product Owner would prefer to be shielded from that. Good feature though. It's the primary thing we'd like to add to JIRA for our Scrum work.
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    I take the point. We will look to make the 'numbers' optionals.
  4. Bug with context Path[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for this plugin. Anyway I have a bug! :( Used with a frontal apache (with APJ), It doesn't find the application path for its actions and resources. For example in the column, It creates action with the following value: https://mycompany/plugins/servlet/faIssueOrderer instead https://mycompany/jira/plugins/servlet/faIssueOrderer The contextPath It retrieves is wrong, and there's no way to configure it. Can you help or provide a fix please?