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    JavATE, the Java Application Tiered Engine is a set of Java libraries that enables application development using the domain driven methodology. It gives you standard interfaces and implementations for the domain driven design building blocks so you can focus on your strategic design instead of reinventing the wheel of the building blocks each time. On the project site you will find details and a basic and advanced tutorial. Major new features of release 0.4 includes: * A new subproject called "WorkstATE" to develop finite state machines. It has its own tutorial here * You can develop user interface wizards * You can plug-in your own session managers and specifications
  2. This has probably already been said to you.. But I think SUN will have an issue with Java-TE.. Which despite the camel case your project spells.. They have been very protective of the Java trademark in the past..
  3. If you search on SourceForge you will found tons of projects with the word Java in the name (DrJava, JavaRA, JavaLayer, javax.usb, ...) Probably JavaRebel had problems because it was a commercial licensed software. Let me know if I'm wrong
  4. According to Sun's trademark usage site:
    Sun trademarks cannot be included in the name of any third party product, technology, program or service. This includes free and educational materials, open source distributions, and the titles of informational web sites. Have fun and come up with a creative new name for your product!
    My guess is the projects you quoted are obscure and haven't reached their attention.. Your call.. Not mine..
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    Jav ATE what ?