TSS in 2010: Java Symposium, site redesign and leadership


News: TSS in 2010: Java Symposium, site redesign and leadership

  1. As 2009 nears an ends, we want to thank our loyal community members for their participation on TheServerSide, which – thanks to you all -- remains the #1 and largest Java community on the Web. Looking ahead, exciting things are in store for TheServerSide in 2010. In this post, we’ll fill you in on the TSS Java Symposium, our long-awaited site redesign and site editorial leadership. Naturally, we look forward to seeing you all at The ServerSide Java Symposium on March 17-19 in Las Vegas! We’ve been working hard to build an impressive speaker roster, and we’ve succeeded. See for yourself, as the TSSJS agenda is now live. Here’s more good news for TheServerSide's long-term readers and contributors. In early 2010, our development team will unveil TheServerSide’s new site design, a product of a major investment by TechTarget, TSS.com owner since 2005. Why change TheServerSide design? Simply put, the site is still in its original format from its launch on May, 2000, and lacks the functionality and ease of use features that technology advances have brought to websites since that time. Our team and our beta users are very excited about many of the new enhancements, features and “look and feel.? During the launch phase, we’ll be relying heavily on your feedback to help us work out the kinks, so please offer your input. On the editorial side, we are in the process of finding a Site Editor to be the site steward and ‘voice and face’ of TSS.com, and we’ll be adding to the contributor roster. Currently, veteran development editor Jack Vaughan is helming TheServerSide. If you’re interested in submitting content and posts over the next month or so, please feel free to reach out to contact Jack. As you can see, a lot of things are in the works here with TSS.com as we continue to grow and expand our footprint in the world of Java. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. Happy holidays, and thank you for your continued support! Jan Stafford, Editorial Director Jack Vaughan, Editor Brian McGovern, Publisher

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  2. Site redesign ...?[ Go to top ]

    I don't know. I kinda like the site the way it is :) Maybe a tad sprinkle of Ajax to make it a little more responsive in some areas, but other than that, I'm ok with it.
  3. Don't tell me, it's gonna be Flash ;-)[ Go to top ]

    (Please don't let it be so.) John Hurst Wellington, New Zealand
  4. Print-friendly texts[ Go to top ]

    Please, implement more usable CSS (preferably) or separately maintained page (less useful but acceptable) page for print-friendly view of articles. Simplier formatting is better for paper and ebook media.
  5. I hope the redesign goes well, I remember discussion about it way back in 2005. :) Floyd
  6. I hope that after the redesign (which I assume will be an entirely new platform) I can still keep my souvenier userID=1. :) https://www.theserverside.com/user/userthreads.tss?user_id=1 Floyd
  7. Your user ID will stand! That's the word from the development team!
  8. A new beginning[ Go to top ]

    I certainly look forward to a UI overhaul for TSS - I think it's long overdue! Congrats! Nitin Bharti
  9. Re: A new beginning[ Go to top ]

    Thanks, Nitin. Happy New Year!