soapUI adds testing support for JMS, AMF and databases


News: soapUI adds testing support for JMS, AMF and databases

  1. Web services testing software vendor eviware has released soapUI 3.5, which now supports the testing of JMS, AMF and databases. Free and open source, soapUI is a desktop application used in inspecting, invoking, developing, simulating and testing Web services. The interface is designed to feel like the IDEs that are already familiar to developers. The product supports JMS through integration with HermesJMS, an extensible console built on Jython that helps users manage queues and topics. The company said JMS support has been a highly requested feature. Support for AMF will benefit Flash end Flex developers seeking tools for AMF RIA testing. Database testing through JDBC lets users verify data integrity while testing Web services. In addition to JMS and AMF, soapUI supports WS, REST, HTTP and JDBC testing.
  2. This is one the Best Open Source tools I have come across. I really appreciate your efforts in updating the SOAP UI with the latest trends in technologies. How does the AMF testing works? So you meant we can make a request similar to that of a Flex Client to a BlazeDS server? Is this feature available as part of the Open Source version.
  3. Thanks for your kind words! Exactly, the AMF request functionality allows you to make AMF requests to your BlazeDS server just like a FlexClient, making it possible to do both functional and load-testing of the server logic. Have a look at the tutorial at to get started. All the new protocols (JMS, AMF and JDBC) are available in the free open-source version, but as usual have extended functionality in the Pro version (for example the Pro version includes a visual query builder for building SQL queries when testing databases). regards! /Ole
  4. Its great work by soapUi - to now support flex .. This tool(besides fiddler) are invaluable in webservices development and debugging. Thanks, Zahid
  5. Congratulations Eviware[ Go to top ]

    Eviware has provided consistent and beneficial upgrades to soapUI for years now. Thanks for making soapUI even better!

    Look for updated support of soapUI 3.5 in PushToTest TestMaker 5.5. We are working towards an April 2010 release. Read a tutorial on how to repurpose soapUI tests to be functional tests, load and performance tests and product monitor at

    We intent to improve our training classes and technical support for soapUI 3.5. Details are at