Google's Chief Java Architect Rails Over Java's Shortcomings


News: Google's Chief Java Architect Rails Over Java's Shortcomings

  1. Josh Bloch discusses many of the problems facing the Java community, including the ineffectiveness of J2ME, licensing problems, Java 7's late ship date, and even the JCP issues that James Gosling often opined about. 

    More to the point, he points out that these problems predate the Oracle acquisition of Sun, so everyone should just stop pointing their fingers at Larry Ellison.

    But all is not lost. There is still a future for Java. "Java will remain a dominant platform in the enterprise space," he said.

  2. Yup. Java is the new COBOL.

    It's mostly doomed to monkey-coded applications (since most of good programmers DO care language) which will be rewritten in yet-unknown language in 10 years.
  3. Yup. Java is the new COBOL.

    I could think of worse things.  All the cobol programmers I have worked with over the years made very very good money.
  4. ..and that's because[ Go to top ]

    when COBOL was the Java-of-the-its-time, there wasn't any computer in Bangalore.
  5. I could think of worse things.  All the cobol programmers I have worked with over the years made very very good money.
    Yup. That's one symptom of COBOLization - people only care about how much money they can earn with the language, and not about how interesting is to use it.
  6. Money and Fun[ Go to top ]

    Fortunately, I think we can have both fun with Java, and make some good coin while doing it. And Java does have a future.
  7. Different people have different preferences. If I was book writer, I would not care on what kind of paper I am doing it, what kind of pen I am using. If I had choice, I would choose most stable paper and pencil available, even though such choice would lead me to skip some more fency and better looking pencils and paper types. I would have so much passion just to finish my creation so I can see the end result, that I would opt for most stable writing tool set.

    And thats the difference between closure/LINQ crowd who codes for the sake of coding, and guys who just want to see their creation up and running.

    Nothing wrong with either of those, just pointing different goals different people have.

    And no, writing book with pen 10 years old is not, by any measurable amount, slower that writing it with pen bought yesterday.
  8. Yup. Java is the new COBOL.
    I can't hear it any more - I have well evaluated all options for starting new development for the client side and web development about 2 years ago. And still from current point of few Java is the best overall option from my point of view in a very lot of cases. So please stop telling Java dying.
  9. In search of a True Leader[ Go to top ]

    Oracle "could also provide a "true leader" for Java, one who "commands the respect of the technical community and one who can get releases out on a regular schedule with a clear focus."

    James Gosling is not Bill Joy -but when Bill left Sun they tried to shoe-horn James into a role for which he was not suited... I found this very odd at the time, and I date the "malaise" in Java to that time (2003).

    Sometimes you need a great Solider, sometimes you need a great Tactician and sometimes you need a great Strategist.

    I think Java needs a great Strategist - all the great Soldiers in the world won't help unless they have direction.
  10. Respect JCP[ Go to top ]

    if JCP is running successfully, There should not be any woes.