Red Hat Brings Us JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.0


News: Red Hat Brings Us JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.0

  1. And right when you thought the portal was dead, killed off by applications like Facebook that actually delivered on the Web 2.0 promise, as opposed to simply promising the promise and never even coming close to delivering, we see a new release emerge. This time it's JBoss' Enterprise Portal Platform, trying to breath new life into the Enterprise Portal Game.

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  2. the portal was dead[ Go to top ]

    you thought the portal was dead


    For you information, Liferay, a Java Portal, has more than 11.000 downloads/week, while the ubiquitous Hibernate has around 13.000. Of course, Hibernate is a big hit while Portals are dead.


    If you have to develop a Java Web application, a Java portal provides you security, navigation and a decent Look & Feel for free, so you can concentrate in other parts of your applications. Obviously, if you have money enough, you can hire some more developers and dessigner to develop these parts, and you will not need to use a Java Portal.


    All the customers of the company I work use Java portals, so I live in the "world of the dead".

  3. the portal was dead[ Go to top ]

    I think he meant that "development of portal" - is as relevant as using EJBs. (it difficult and hard to debug/maintain )

    However using package like "liferay" or "dotnetnuke" as a "product" - which already provides the needed templates is different thing.

    When I saw liferay - it seemed primitive as compared to say dotnetnuke for certain features.(good IDE to edit HTML - and provide permissioning ). I would however jump on liferay - if I I found it to be good now(as dotnetnuke is better for .net guys).