Mashups4JSF is an open source project that aims at integrating the mashup services with both the Java and the JSF world. The JSF developers will be able to construct rich and customized mashups by using simple tags. Mashups4JSF target is to have an integrated set of mashup tags and APIs. 
Mashups4JSF allows exporting application data as mashup feeds by annotating the application domain classes with the @Feed annotation. 

In this minor release, Mashup4JSF contains the following components:

  1. YahooWeather Component.
  2. YouTube Video Player Component.
  3. YouTube Video List Component.
  4. Digg Search List Component.
  5. Google Search List Component.
  6. Google Maps Component through GMaps4JSF.
  7. Twitter Search List Component.
  8. ATOM Feed Reader Component.
  9. RSS Feed Reader Component.
  10. JSON Feed Reader Component.
  11. Feed exporter annotation(s).

Demo page: and on Google Apps Engine is here.

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Mashups4JSF 0.0.2 JAR:

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