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News: Brains...These Zombie Languages Need Brains...

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    It's not unusual to see Zombies walking around at the end of October. But we all know that zombies aren't real. Or are they? Apple's iPhone has managed to get Objective C seeking out brains. Could IBM's RoarVM get Smalltalk eating away at developer's brains again too?

    "The RoarVM supports the parallel execution of Smalltalk programs on x86 compatible multicore systems.  This VM is meant to support manycore systems with more than 1000 cores in the future."

    1000 cores? That's more than enough to get Azul's Cliff Click's attention. And IBM has open sourced it under their Eclipse Public License. Who knows, maybe if this Enterprise Java stuff doesn't gain any market penetration, maybe we'll all be programming Servlet and JSPs in Smalltalk?

    I am Smalltalk. Hear Me Roar

  2. there's actually a bit of nice activity in the smalltalk world recently.  i found this excellent variant of squeak the other day:

    it's very slick and much more modern looking that squeak, and has nicer packaging tools. it's almost enough to get me programming in smalltalk again.

    roarvm is also compatible with it.