Forty Bad Examples of Beautiful Typography


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    When those uninitiated in art and design try to design something neat, the result typically becomes something awful and Gaudy. Just go to the gym and look at the awful tattoos idiots are inking all over their body. Silly tribal patterns, flowers stems that curve endlessly, wings of a butterfly that continue with never-sending serifs, as though it was a letter penned by a drunk and unskilled calligrapher.

    The same thing happens when people design websites. The thought that being cool means being ridiculously flashy or smarter and more creative than your audience usually backfires and creates sites that are impossible to navigate and annoying to look at. 
    A best practice for helping an individual to design a website it to have them look at some of the most successful and long-standing websites, and see what they do. Facebook is always a great example. The site is simple and functional. It’s popular not because of its funky graphics and crazy fonts, but despite them. Google is another example of simple and functional. 

    Bucking the idea that being effective means being simple, put out a list of forty examples of beautiful typography in web design. Are all forty beautiful, or are they needlessly busy, convoluted and annoying? Some are sharp, there’s not doubt about that, but far too many look like that tribal pattern design every fifteen year old girl seems to be inking on their skin. It looks neat the first time you see it, but every other time you see it there’s nothing but a painful memory of money wasted and regret.

    40 Examples of Beautiful Typography?

  2. A fan of Edward Tufte i like a lot of these designs. Simple, classy and elegant.

    While google's search is simple, it isn't beautiful. Google always conveys a raw lab/shop vibe of something in the works (that may be cool), but not yet given the coat of varnish that would make it sparkle.