WebSphere for Building Private Clouds and Optimizing Software-as-a-Service?


News: WebSphere for Building Private Clouds and Optimizing Software-as-a-Service?

  1. Today's dynamic business environments and economic uncertainty mean organizations must work smarter to remain competitive and respond to changing demands. However, the cost of managing and running today’s business applications, from enterprise wide to departmental level, is now far exceeding the cost of the software and hardware itself. At the same time, while the need to rapidly adapt to changing marketing conditions has never been greater, adapting is costly. In order to meet business needs while controlling cost, you need to be able to optimize the management of your business applications.

    During this Demonstatration, we will show how WebSphere Cloudburst Appliance can be used to efficiently manage the private cloud. By (1), Highlighting the benefits of codifying your IT environment for repeatable and easy re-deployments. (2) Introducing, Policy-level management techniques to efficiently use the resources involved. (3) Scale-out your Web Application performance by off-loading HTTP-Session management. (4) Enable customer access to Enterprise Web-Services via protocal transformation.

    YouTube - Summary Demo ( 5min) & Playlist of Extended Version (50 min)

    developerWorks Article : Weather report - Build a reconstructable application showcase

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  2. What is different in this "cloud" version, than the earlier "eXtreme Scale" version?

  3. XC10 Appliance[ Go to top ]


    In the demo above we offload HTTP session management to a physical appliance.  Its a easy all-in-one solution to drop in.

    IBM WebSphere® DataPower XC10 appliance is a purpose-built, easy-to-use appliance designed for simplified deployment, exceptional performance, and hardened security at the caching tier of your enterprise application infrastructure.