The rise and fall of the machines – Watching out for clouds


News: The rise and fall of the machines – Watching out for clouds

  1. The most important goal of application performance monitoring is to keep your application up and running, while ensuring satisfactory end user experience. In the Cloud, as everywhere else, this means that you need to monitor your application. The best way to ensure performance is to monitor the application from within which also means you monitor the cloud from within. Only by monitoring the application from within the Cloud do we get the transactional information we need to isolate problems quickly and efficiently. But the as was shown last week the cloud is not 100% failsave either. Even in disaster situations like last week we want to be able to monitor what's left of our environment and make informed decissions. That means monitoring within the cloud is not enough...


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  2. It also shows that in the cloud if someone else catches a disease you might just catch it too -- without warning and no matter how much protection you wear.

    You can monitor all you want but you are in a soup with other images that you can't monitor,can't control and can't guarantee QOS. All marketing hype aside.



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    Excellent marketing plug. Way to go.

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    I knew the memory article was a fluke (one hit wonder). Glad to see you dynaTrace (aka dynaCopy) keeps putting its money mainly in hiring sales & marketing people. I'm scared that one day you might actually invent something yourself.